Smart Data

Mike Halstead | Managing Director
“Data should be thought of as being alive, and as such needing to be cared for and nurtured, if it is going to grow, and become a positive provider of benefit. The saying 'knowledge itself is power' is only the case if good data and expert data scientists are used to build it.”
Campaign Delivery

Campaign Delivery

  • Creative design
  • On-line and off-line direct marketing channels
  • In-house studio production
  • Print buying and distribution logistics
Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

  • Bespoke single customer view pulling together multiple on and off-line data bases, to create a narrative of a customer’s touch points with a brand
  • Builds individual records by using multiple identifiers including email, mobile, customer number, cookie ID, name, address and landline
  • Maintains a history of all identifiers used by an individual
  • Data selections to drive customer engagement
  • Campaign and customer reporting suite
  • Live dashboard display enabling construction of a series of customised charts
  • Customer & web analytics including a graphic interface
Data Planning & Consulting

Data Planning & Consulting

  • Our critical starting point, and equally critical evaluation end point
  • Senior client-side experienced team covering a comprehensive range of business sectors
Data Science

Data Science

  • Marketing performance analysis
  • Customer value delivered by marketing channels
  • Cross channel marketing budget allocation
  • Optimising allocation of multiple brand propositions to individuals
  • Customer understanding
  • Propensity modelling
  • Response and value predictive models for home shoppers
  • Product affinity segmentation
  • Impact of contact density on consumer response
  • Using on-line browsing to predict purchase propensity


  • A solution for GDPR customer preference management
  • Bespoke software platform  designed for Client user operation in dealing with customer preference requests and queries 
  • Updates permissions based on agreed hierarchy (recency or source)
  • Tracks history of permissions
  • Facility to manually amend permissions
  • Right to be forgotten – deleting personal data but keeping transactional history
  • Extract of deletion requests for relevant data sources to update their databases
  • Output of information in user friendly format for subject access requests
  • Automatic bulk deletion of personal data after an agreed time period

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