Catriona Gray | Group Account Director
“HH&S is the UK’s most innovative subscription fulfilment and subscriptions marketing services provider. Others talk services we deliver them recruiting, rewarding, retaining and re-engaging subscribers”
Bespoke Subscriptions Platform

Bespoke Subscriptions Platform

  • Multi subscription channels
  • Retail vouchers
  • Home delivery
  • Digital
  • Postal
  • Multi payment methods and currency solution
  • Customised customer facing front-end
  • Client access to reporting suite dashboard
  • API connections to facilitate ease of data feeds
  • Secure dedicated server environment
Data management, Analytics, Insight and Reporting

Data management, Analytics, Insight and Reporting

  • Insight reporting tool
  • Big data resource and capability
  • Campaign planning, data selections & propensity modelling
  • Data bureau services
  • Analytics & reporting
Fulfilment and Customer Care

Fulfilment and Customer Care

  • Standard, flexible and combination (print  & digital) subscriptions packages
  • Integration with best in class third party Subscription agents, out-bound call centres, production and handing houses
  • Customer Care Team (acquisition & retention)
  • Tried and tested customer data migration plan for new clients


  • Contact strategy for all stages of the subscription process from data gathering promotions, acquisitions incentive campaigns to lapsed customers re-engagement
  • Creative  and Artwork Studio creating online and print direct marketing and merchandising collateral
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Bespoke loyalty platform.
  • Loyalty and redemption campaigns
Single customer view

Single customer view

  • Track your subscribers across multiple channels, titles and data sources
  • Captures browsing data
  • Matches on multiple customer identifiers
  • Customer consents management module (General Data Protection Regulations)

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